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Distinction (a Ballet in Six Parts)

by a Light Sleeper

They showed me what to say, and I believed what they told me These days, I find I want to slow down When every step’s a stumble You don’t bother brushing off the dust They showed me what to say, and I believed, I believed what they told me These days, I find I want to stop Take a look around Breathe the air Maybe take a stab and something new Remember when we were young we played music to try and make some cash I pulled my hair out for those fools for a lousy few dollars Our chins up we kept the rising dust at bay Believed we’d actually make it, someday This patch of sky is mine The moon is in it, and it is bursting Apart. Its pieces dust space with glowing white flames But the moon is inside me And my voice spits out glitter Epitaphs but it all goes the way it goes anyway
Months before days ago, year after year has gone by The lessons of courage were learned Even if the bravery grew from a darkened root I managed to put myself up on a hook And strove to let go T'was nice to find that failure really is quite keen So walk brightly now, forget about all those things Those things that you said and the things that you did And the things you wish you said and did Ahhhhhh
I put myself up On a hook
I know you Eyes downcast and lowly Troubled mind too full to see Me, I see everything With halls uncertainly long You’ve only to give up the ghost You are a one who lies in the periphery Will you join your voice with a thousand hymns? You’re beautiful You are You are, you are Adorably unadorned You are adorable unadorned You are
Ubiquity 01:01
We were the forgotten ones We don’t know our names If they knew the consequences They would not bear it You call me possessively My so and so, my so and so It makes you feel closer to me Not me, it suffocated I stayed quiet


"Distinction (a Ballet in Six Parts)" is a meditation on the cyclical nature of the creative process. Several distinct melodic and lyrical themes are stated, recapitulated and woven throughout.


released May 11, 2019

Written and performed by a Light Sleeper: Maria Elena Hernandez (alto saxophone, clarinet, vocals, percussion), Matthew Jung (drums, keys), David Keller (cello, tambura), Traci Newhouse (viola, backing vocals), and D. Pennepalli (guitar, backing vocals)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Caleb Willitz


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a Light Sleeper Chicago, Illinois

Chicago’s a Light Sleeper is an ever-evolving quartet exploring collaborative composition from the bottom up, featuring breezy intertwining melodies from saxophonist Maria Elena Hernandez and violist Traci Newhouse, D. Pennepalli’s idiosyncratic guitar lines, and drummer Matthew Jung’s graceful clockwork core. ... more


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